At Industrial Truck & Equipment ITEC, we have a large selection of hand trucks available for a wide range of applications. These can range from the small aluminium folding hand truck or hand trolleys that would fit into the boot of any vehicle to a range of self-supporting models that have received wide recognition in providing an ergonomic solution to moving heavy loads and in confined spaces.

Our aluminium folding hand truck range is best for lighter loads and provides flexibility when goods need to be moved from your vehicle to store or office.


Heavy Duty Hand Trucks

Heavy duty hand trucks are more common found in workshops and factories, where loads are higher and are subject to frequent use. These heavy duty hand trucks are available with various handle configurations; twin handle, pram handle and P handle hand trucks.

The multi-purpose pram handle hand truck and P handle hand truck provide better control when only one hand or folding hand is used to control the load. This is important when the load needs to be manoeuvred within a confined space.

Furniture moving companies regularly use a refrigerator and a appliance hand truck to move household furniture. These are available with a safety strap and are available with pneumatic, semi pneumatic or Stairclimber wheels.