There is nothing worse than wanting to use your hand truck or wheelbarrow to find that your pneumatic wheels are flat.

We at Industrial Truck & Equipment ITEC have a large range of 4 inch pneumatic wheels, 6 inch pneumatic wheels and 8 inch pneumatic wheels to suit most applications.

All sizes are available in steel or plastic rim and have a plain, ball or precision bearing. The selection of the type of rim and bearing will depend upon your application. Plastic rim pneumatic wheels are normally used in a regular wash down application or when used near water or sand.

Tyres that are 4 ply will provide better resistance to punctures but if punctures do persist, we also have a large range of semi pneumatic wheels that would be better in a harsh environment.

Semi pneumatic wheels do not have a tube inside the tyre. They are normally either a cushioned solid rubber type or filled with polyurethane and are assembled on a one or two piece rim.