Hospitality Trolley

At Industrial Truck & Equipment ITEC, we stock a large range of hospitality trolleys to meet a growing demand for service and hygiene.

Our hospitality trolley range covers a wide range of industry and can be found in many service, kitchen, bakery, hotels and commercial laundry sectors.

Our small and large utility carts are constructed with heavy duty foam material that requires very little ongoing maintenance, making them ideal for long-term use in many industries.  These versatile carts can also be used for more general transport in workshops, educational facilities and warehouses.

The linen carts, janitor trolleys and housekeeping trolleys provide in house solutions to motels, hotels and schools while our range of dining carts, dinner collection and clearing trolleys are also suitable for general purpose use.

Breakfast and gastronome trolleys complete our range of quality products supplied to commercial kitchens.