Industrial Truck and Equipment offer a full range of hand pallet trucks. The range includes pallet trucks with tine widths of 400mm, 540mm and the standard width of 685mm. Capacities can vary but will range from 1000kg for the electric pallet jack to 2500kg for the standard 685mm wide hydraulic pallet jack.

The hydraulic operated pallet trucks are the most common use hand pallet truck, but an electric pallet jack is also available in either two models, electric drive or electric lift and drive. These electric pallet jacks are becoming more popular to reduce long-term injury to the operator.

Low profile hand pallet trucks are also available where the tine height can be as low as 51mm to the top of the tines, used specifically where narrow pallets or low stillages are required to be moved.

Both galvanised and stainless steel pallet trucks are available where continuous wash down or hygiene applications are experienced. Our high lift hand pallet trucks are useful to move skids and stillages, or to lift a product to bench height.