Aluminium Ladders are the most common ladder used in a domestic, industrial or commercial setting. Unlike steel, aluminium ladders do not rust, are light and are the perfect choice for extension ladders that are longer than 15 feet.

They are more common in areas where a lot of water contact is made but as ladders made from aluminium are conductive, they are not suitable for an electrician or someone who uses electrical equipment.

Aluminium Ladder Types and Range

Aluminium Ladders are available in a range of sizes from a 2-step Step Ladder to a 20-step Extension Ladder. There are numerous brands available, but they must all need to meet or exceed Australian and New Zealand standard, AS/NZS 1892.1. Essentially, this ensures that the ladder has been manufactured from quality materials under strict guidelines and is safe to use, will perform as intended and not buckle, twist or break when used correctly

Types of Aluminium Ladders available are single sided and double sided step ladders, dual purpose ladders, step extension ladders, platform ladders, order picker ladders, builders ladders and extension ladders.