Wheels: General

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Industrial Truck and Equipment has a full range of wheels to cater for all types of applications. The type of wheel to be used is dependent upon many criteria that sometimes people tend to forget.

It is very important to consider the following;

  • what floor surface that the wheel will be running on (carpet, wooden, concrete, rough terrain)
  • the load that the wheel will be subject to
  • how often the wheel will be moved, i.e. static, seldom, regularly, or towed.

Once these variables have been identified, the task of selecting the type of wheel can be very easy.

Wheels Range

Our range of wheels includes both solid wheels from a diameter of 30mm to 400mm and puncture proof and Pneumatic Wheels from a diameter of 220mm to 420mm.

Wheel Material Types

These wheels are manufactured using various materials that include polyurethane, rubber, cast iron and nylon.
Polyurethane wheels are highly versatile and suitable for most types of floor surfaces. They have up to 10 times the life of natural rubber and more than twice the load capacity of an equivalent rubber wheel. They have low rolling resistance, are non-marking, have good floor protection and excellent resistance to flat spotting when left for long periods with heavy loads.

Rubber Wheels are usually selected for their shock absorbency capabilities where floor surfaces may be rough or uneven. They provide good load capacities, low noise level and ability to withstand rough conditions. Rubber wheels can be supplied in black rubber, non-marking grey rubber and high resilient non-marking blue rubber. High resilience means that they flatten under heavy load but will spring back to shape quickly.

Cast Iron is normally used where floor damage is not the most important consideration. They provide best capacity, offer lower rolling resistance and have the ability to withstand high temperature extremes.

Nylon Wheels are generally only used on hard smooth surfaces. They are lightweight, have good load capacity and are resistant to oils, fats, most alkalis, soaps and detergents. They are the best selection where water is used in wash down areas.

Wheel Bearings

All wheels are available with a variety of bearing types. These include plain, ball, roller and precision.

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