Trolley Powered: Electrodrive Gzunda Bedmover

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Move hospital beds safely and efficiently

The Gzunda Bed Mover allows one person to effortlessly move heavy hospital beds. The motorised unit operates equally well with or without a patient– simplifying the task of moving beds or patients between wards, departments, or to and from theatre. This allows the driver to focus on the needs of the patient during transport.

With a capacity of 500kg, the silent motorised unit is able move a hospital bed up or down ramps, over carpet, into lifts, and around tight corners with minimal effort by the operator. The Gzunda’s compact design, effortless maneuverability and detach-ability allows for safe and efficient management of a fleet of beds or trolleys within a healthcare environment.

Typical applications include:

  • Moving hospital beds with or without patients between rooms and wards
  • Transporting patients to and from high traffic departments e.g. emergency, radiology and theatre
  • Moving linen

The Gzunda is Australian made to provide the highest quality and suitability for your application. Full product training and service contracts are available.

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Capacity: 500 kg

Height: 1190 mm

Length: 1210 mm

Width: 655 mm

Weight: 150 kg

Voltage: 24V

Range: approx. 10 km (depending on workload: slope, patient weight, etc)