ZALLY JAY800 Vineyard Vehicle

ZALLY JAY800 Vineyard Vehicle

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It is an electric man on board vehicle studied expressively for added comfort and speeding up the pruning or picking in farming activities. It is widely used in many European wineries for the green pruning and vintage on low “Gujot” vineyards. In next to no time the JAY can be transformed in an electrical transporter, simply by removing the seat, handlebar and footboards, and applying the high handlebar steering and the platform. The JAY is not afraid of slopes and with its loading capacity of 250Kg. has no parallel in the pleasure of working in a clean and silent environment free of harmful exhaust emission. It is equipped with an handlebar guide with lever system for forward/reverse, speed control with potentiometer, man on board safety sensor inside the turning seat and forward gear pedal to work while remaining always on the left or right side helped by the removable foot board and low pressure puncture free wheels. The seat is complete with a turning and reclining system arranged to work even on 30% inclines. Its frame is made of steel powder coated with paint for exterior. The motor has an electromagnetic brake that block off the vehicle preventing accidental slippery while on ramps or down hills even at full load. The gears in oil bath avoid any kind of maintenance and the machine can be cleaned easily without causing short circuits thanks to the controller and the well cabled wires kept in an hermetic ambient. All Zallys vehicles are produced with high quality materials and are CE certified according to the latest European normative.



Features :Electric
Unit weight :173kg
Dimensions assembled :2100 x 800mm
Run time :8 hours
Speed :4/5 kmph
Voltage :24v