Drawer Organiser

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The Australian made range of Fischer drawer organisers  are available with 2 drawer and up to 20 drawers. Inserts are available to increase the capacity of the drawer if required.

Part NumberDescriptionDimensions (mm)
1H-0482 Drawer87 W x 136 D x 98 H
1H-0443 Drawer155 W x 128 D x 142 H
1H-05012 Drawer230 W x 128 D x 188 H
1H-05120 Drawer305 W x 128 D x 230 H
1H-046Inserts to suit 3+12+2062 W x 38 D x 38 H
1H-048 I2 Drawer Inserts75 W x 40 D x 35 H

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