Stor-Pak Containers

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The Fischer range of Stor-Pak Containers are the ultimate in practical storage systems. Available in six sizes, they are manufactured in tough and durable polypropylene and have an angled front that provides easy picking access.

Part NumberDescriptionDimensions (mm)Capacity (lt)
1H-060Stor-Pak 5100 W x 115 D x 60 H0.5
1H-061Stor-Pak 10100 W x 170 D x 85 H1.0
1H-062Stor-Pak 25133 W x 220 D x 125 H2.5
1H-063Stor-Pak 60200 W x 275 D x 165 H6.0
1H-064Stor-Pak 120410 W x 275 D x 165 H12.0
1H-065Stor-Pak 240410 W x 440 D x 210 H24.0

Colours available – blue, green, red, yellow, clear.


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