ROUND SLING 10000kg 15000kg 20000kg

Top quality, dense fabric, protects the internal fibres meaning a longer operational life.

  • Safety Factor – 7 to 1
  • AS 4497-1997 Compliant
  • Custom Round Slings made to order
  • Highest Quality
  • Tag Protection
  • Super Bright Dense Fabric


Synthetic slings offer total flexibility in lifting loads combining the light weight and great strength of polyester. Grange Round and Flat slings come with our UV stabilized, safety tag. Our fabrics are dense and brilliantly coloured for longevity and easy identification. Flat Slings compliant with AS1353 and Round Slings compliant with AS4497.

RS102Round Sling 10000 Kg x 2M
RS103 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 3M
RS104 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 4M
RS105 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 5M
RS106 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 6M
RS107 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 7M
RS108 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 8M
RS109 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 9M
RS1010 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 10M
RS1012 Round Sling 10000 Kg x 12M
RS153 Round Sling 15000 Kg x 3M
RS155Round Sling 15000 Kg x 5M
RS156Round Sling 15000 Kg x 6M
RS158Round Sling 15000 Kg x 8M
RS1510Round Sling 15000 Kg x 10M
RS203Round Slng 20000 Kg x 3M
RS205Round Sling 20000 Kg x 5M
RS206Round Slng 20000 Kg x 6M
RS208Round Slng 20000 Kg x 8M
RS2010Round Sling 20000 Kg x 10M
RS2012Round Sling 20000 Kg x 12M