Ladder Little Jumbo: Little Jumbo Safety Steps

Ladder Little Jumbo: Little Jumbo Safety Steps

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Little Jumbo Safety Steps are essentially folding staircases
Available in 23, 4 and 5 Step, the wide tread offers comfortable, safe access and allow the operator to face in any direction.
Model Description
210C 2 Step Compact
310C 3 Step Compact
310 3 Step (no safety rail)
410 4 Step (no safety rail)
210B 2 Step with safety rail
310B 3 Step with safety rail
410B 4 Step with safety rail
530B 5 Step with safety rail
600 Castor Kit (does not fit compact models)
  •  ‘Easy Wheeler’ wheel kit.
Safety Bracket.

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Little Jumbo Ladders

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