Castor Stainless Steel: 75-150kg

Castor Stainless Steel: 75-150kg

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Castor Stainless Steel: 75-150kgCastor Castor Stainless Steel: 75-150kgCastor Stainless Steel: 75-150kgCastor Stainless Steel: 75-150kgSteel: 75-150gCastor Stainless


  • 3 year warranty subject to Conditions of Use
  • Fork type 304
  • Balls type 440C
  • Chicago screw axle type 304
  • Option for regular nut and bolt S/S axle (just add”-B” to the end of the fork code)
  • Rivet & Axle bush type 303
  • TB spring type 301 full hard
  • Fork dimensions for M
  • Fitting adaptors (Fitting options)
  • Allen Keys available (2 per pack) code: SPALLENKEY5

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teel: 75-150kg

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