HALF Glutton Recycling Station

HALF Glutton Recycling Station

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Model Number: 1792339
Short Description :
46 gallon recycling station capable of separating up to 2 waste streams.
Description :

  • 46 gallon centralized capacity provides sortation and containment for up to 2 separate material streams.
  • Multiple restrictive-opening hole shapes and various color coded iconic and/or word labels provide flexibility, and help minimize contamination by giving visual cues for material identification.
  • Fully integrated station gives credibility to building recycling program and drives recycling compliance.
  • Unit comes complete with 1 Glutton® Receptacle, 2 Slim Jim® Receptacles, 1 lid frame, choice of 3 opening shapes (circle, slot, square), and label pack.


Capacity :174 L
Colour :Blue
Dimensions assembled :681mm x 599mm x 899mm


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